Welding Inverters

Electronic Devices is an established name in the field of manufacturing high quality Induction Heating Equipments covering very wide range of power output at almost any output frequency. The company is capable of meeting the application challenges in this field that covers equipment with Thyristers, Electron Tubes, Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors, MOSFETs etc.

With the philosophy of “Serving the customer with the right technology” and to efficiently suit the application requirements, the design team of Electronic Devices look forward to contributing to cutting edge concepts in power electronics and related digital electronics fields.

With the introduction of a total range of welding inverters the company is now equipped to provide service in the metal working industry better. All the products (Induction Heating Equipments and Welding Inverters) have been indigenously developed to meet the need of Indian Industry in particular.

In the Welding Inverter category, Electronics Devices has successfully developed welding equipments to cover Manual Arc Welding, Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG), Welding, High Frequency TIG Welding, Pulse TIG Welding and Metal Inert Gas Welding. Sophisticated IGBT based inverters with total digital control are the key to the successful development of these machines. Wide current range inverters are available to meet varied requirement of the welding industry. High Frequency of switching has helped achieving smooth current control at the weld terminal. The size and weight of these machines are also less. Moreover, the power saving in inverter-based high frequency welding inverters is huge when one compares with any conventional welding machines of similar rating.

The inverters are equipped with all applicable protection features such as prolonged ‘Output Short’, ‘Over Current in each IGBT’, ‘Protection against IGBT short circuit current’, ‘Welding Over Current Protection’ and ‘Thermal Over Load Protection’. These machines have been programmed to go into ‘Energy Save’ mode when not in use for a long time. The ‘Fan-on-Demand’ feature is also available. The inverters have excellent user-friendly front panel display for convenient status monitoring.

The welding inverters are manufactured in a controlled environment to meet the quality and reliability parameters of high frequency power electronic equipments. The company has Sales and Service centers all over India to meet the installation and service expectations of customers.