Induction Heating - Case Studies - Shrink Fitting
  • Shrink Fitting
Problem Faced
  • The company was putting up a reparing shop for refrigeration compressor.During the repairing rotorswhich are shrink fitted earlier need to be removed and later on refitted. Since the quantity to berepaired per day was small, a low cost solution was required.
  • Using an oven for repair besides being inconvenient, had disadvantages like: Oven will take time to attain required temperature.
  • Frequent opening of the door would have resulted in uneven temperature for different rotors.
    The oven would have to be kept ON to be ready as and when rotors are available.
Solution Provided
ED planned a low cost Induction Heater. / Machine can be put ON / OFF as when required. Cutting down unnecessary power consumption & delay in production. Morever uniform heating resulted in consistent quality.
Equipment Supplied
5KW Induction Heater, Model IH 5