Induction Heating - Case Studies - Brazing
  • Induction brazing of copper tubes to compressor shell.
Problem Faced
  • Leaky joints-lot of rework.
  • High rate of rejection.
  • Dependence on skilled operator.
  • Inconsistent quality.
Solution Provided
The customer had the option to import the equipment for this application from japan at a very high cost.A cheaper solution was suggested by designing a very simple fixture which could be operated by female operators.They had to load the shell and push a button. Rest of the operations including job location controlled amount of brazing, material feeding and nitrogen purging for neutral atmosphere is done automatically.

The quality of the resulting brazed joint is 100% leak proof and durable. Each compressor joint is challenge tested for leakage before final assembley.
Equipment Supplied
State of the art 18Kw H.F. generator coupled with automatic fixture.