Induction Heating - Case Studies - Dielectric Pre-Heating
  • Preheating of thermo-setting materials like rubber, bakelite, urea, melamine and epoxy for semi-conductor potting.
Problem Faced
  • If the potting resin is not properly preheated, the rejection rate is very high.
  • Imported preheaters purchased with the total plant were lying idle for want of service and spares.
Solution Provided
A special roller type electrode for preheating epoxy pellets was designed.While preheating, the pellets were also rotating ensuring tatal uniform temperature and good material flow reducing the rejection to almost nil. This equipment has now become an industry standard and almost all I.C. manufactures in India are using the equipment.
Comparison of different types of heating methods:
Infra-Red Heating – image 1
Electric Heating – image2
High Frequency Dielectric Heating – image3