Maintaining a tamper resistant, air tight and leak proof seal on packaged goods is foremost for packagers concerned with preserving the integrity of their products. Induction capsealing system, empowers packagers to seal from 10 to 120 mm closure sizes at desired line speeds. 

Use Electronics Devices induction heating to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your industrial heating process. Call us for money-saving non-contact induction heating solutions for a wide range of industrial and research applications. Let our induction-heating specialists apply their 33 years' experience in creating precision heating solutions for you with our versatile and reliable solutions.


With the introduction of a total range of welding inverters the company is now equipped to provide service in the metal working industry better. All the products (Induction Heating Equipments and Welding Inverters) have been indigenously developed to meet the need of Indian Industry in particular.